Imagine there is a seven-headed rhythmic beast with a percussionist, drummer, bassist, keyboardist, two horn players, and a DJ up on the stage embracing the musical totality of the world without any folklore kitsch, its subtlety and urban club grooves crossing various divisions in musical genre.

Album Release: October 16, 2015
Musik Krause CD/LP006

Musik Krause CD/LP 004
Album Release: July 30, 2010


Dirty Stompin’ (FAT SIX10 Compilation)
Freude am Tanzen CD/LP011
Release: August 8, 2014

For ya love (Muchas Fatcias Compilation)
Freude am Tanzen FATcias001
Release: Januar 2012

Triller EP
Musik Krause MK038
Release: November 14, 2011

Knochenbrecher Ball EP
Musik Krause MK033
Release: June 7, 2010

Old Sack (Robag Wruhme Lost Archive 1998-2007)
Musik Krause MKCD002
Release: September 28, 2007